Why Music Stars Fancy Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have accrued massive appeal in recent years, not just among the public. Music stars, especially those who have had smoking experiences in the past, have embraced this smokeless and discrete alternative to traditional tobacco use. As musicians set the new trend, this article examines the reasons behind this ‘new choice.’

Nicotine Pouches are Discrete

Pouches offer musicians a discrete way to consume nicotine. For instance, Zyn nicotine pouches can be used on stage or behind the scenes without drawing attention. As such, this grants celebrities the pleasure of having their nicotine fixes without raising eyebrows.

Nicotine Pouches are Available in a Wide Range of Flavours

Another attraction towards pouches is their availability in a range flavours. With several decent brands, nicotine pouches are available in diverse flavours. This brand offers dozens of flavours, whether you prefer mint or something spicier like cinnamon. As far as flavours go, Zyn has all it takes.

Nicotine Pouches Can be a Means to Quit Smoking

Some celebrities use nicotine pouches as a means to quit smoking. While quitting smoking can be challenging, pouches make this undertaking easier. Better yet, the fact that there is no combustion helps these celebrities maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nicotine pouches have become a popular choice among musicians. Their discreet nature, range of flavours, and potential health benefits are vital in making pouches appealing to music stars. In a Swedish radio interview, Slash Hudson, the legendary British-American guitarist, affirmed his love for nicotine pouches.

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