How to Decorate Your Home Recording Studio

The first digital recording made and released for commercial use dates back to 1971. Since then, audio technology has evolved and has eventually become cheaper. For this reason, many musicians and music lovers have now the possibility, even with a limited budget, to have their own recording studio.

The primary studio setup includes a desk, computer, dedicated software and hardware, some microphones and stands, a MIDI controller and, eventually, an external mixer.

But, once we’ve installed everything, how do we create that “recording studio look and feel”?

Here there are some simple and cost-effective tips:

  • Tidy up the cables! There’s nothing worse than a studio that looks messy.
  • Create the correct, warm light setting, but avoid dimmers, because they may cause electrical hums.
  • Put up some acoustic treatment panels on the walls and decorate the rest of it with cosy wallpaper and music related pictures.
  • If you have an old couch, put it somewhere in the room. It’s great when your clients (the musicians) want to take a break without leaving the studio.
  • Get a couple of old Persian style carpets from a charity shop; if you put them under the drum kit, they’ll help keep the drum set together when it’s played, and they’ll add sound absorption.
  • Create your own studio logo and print it out for a framed poster; branding always works!

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