Living the Rock and Roll Dream

If you are an aspiring music star, you will no doubt be inspired and motivated by the captivating stories in celebrity magazines detailing the extravagant lifestyles of famous rock stars. But, can you envisage yourself living out your days on superyachts or relaxing in one of your many houses around Europe? What does it take to actually live your life in this way? After all, if you have platinum-selling albums, you won’t be doing your own hoovering, surely?

Hiring Responsible Staff

The majority of your time as a famous musician may actually be spent on the road, travelling to gigs, perhaps on a world tour. So, you need to ensure that your properties are in capable hands while you are away. This is where you need the services of a domestic staff agency who can take care of your various households. The Bespoke Bureau of London takes great pride in training its staff to look after your home and family.

Entertaining at Home

When you are famous, it is expected that you will throw extravagant parties and entertain the big players in the music industry. You have specific standards to live up to and may need to employ a domestic staff agency to provide butlers and silver service waiting staff for your events. The Bespoke Bureau has an enviable reputation for working with VIP clients and can offer the most discreet staff to meet your needs.

A Life at Sea

Of course, you need some time to enjoy the pleasures of your wealth acquired in the music industry, and many stars have their own yachts. This is ideal for travelling to the likes of Monaco for the Formula one race or attending the Cannes film festival. It takes an exceptional skill to work on a yacht, and the Bespoke Bureau of London can offer you the pick of their domestic staff agency to ensure your guest are never left unattended.

Whether you will ever attain these heady heights of fame and wealth remains to be seen, but there is no harm in dreaming about it!

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