How to Find a Classical Composer Who You Will Love

If you are new to the exciting world of classical music, then it can be all too easy to feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge which seasoned followers of orchestras and composers seem to have. This can make it challenging to discuss the subject with others, for fear of making a mistake and looking foolish in front of other people. In this guide, we will try to strip away the jargon that can often come with classical music, and help you settle on a composer and style of music that you genuinely enjoy.

First, you need to move away from the belief that all classical music sounds basically the same. Thinking this is like thinking that a soft ballad and a death metal track sound the same because they both involve a drum. The turning point for classical music came during the era of Bach. His highly mathematical scores changed how people write and think about music more or less forever. Everything written since owes something to Bach’s work, and the revolution that he brought to the music world, no matter what genre it sits in. If maths, patterns and logic appeal to you, then so will the music of Bach

Moving onwards through time, we come to Mozart and Beethoven. These are undoubtedly good choices if you want to hear some tunes which you recognise, as their music shows up in all areas of popular culture, from television advertisements to remixes in clubs. Even if you don’t think you know anything about classical music, there will be something from one of these composers that is familiar to you.

Moving closer to the present, we meet the romantic composers, such as Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov. The music of these composers makes heavy use of the piano. If you are looking for something which you can use as study music, or for moments in your life that require a little bit of reflection, then this is the type of music that you will want to hear.

There is so much to select from in the world of classical music. Hopefully, this guide and other classical music for beginners resources will certainly inspire you to take a closer look.

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